"Mariam's Interview " B5 update 18 กรกฎาคม 2549

Where are you now? Mariam

I'm in Australia at the moment

When will you graduate? and when will you come back to Thailand?

I've already graduated and will probably be back in Thailand around August.

People here is talking about you, most are your friends, do you prepare some gifts for them on the way back?

hahaha no , they should prepared me a welcome back presents !

Hey i really like that photo with the puppy

who took it ?

where? oh, it came with some mail, not mine.

ah ic. awesome photo , the puppy has attitude !

How did you do with your last album with "love is" while you were studying in Australia?

I still haven't got a solo album, my last single was for P'Boyd Kosiyabong album , Rhythm and Boyd 11th.

oh I see, I saw you music vdo in MTV which was so great. Where could people get to see or to hear them?

You can listen to the song at http://boyd.trueworld.net and with my MV you can often find it in UBC

What's P'Boyd plans for you in the future?

We've been planning my solo album which will be started as soon as I get to Thailand . It's been very exciting for me and P'Boyd to came to the comclusion of that we want to do with it. It's been a few years since we talked but then I finally found my path.

That's very good to hear.

thank you

Me and people (fans in my web) will looking forward to hear that.

I'm looking forward to deliver it as well.

Do you plan to stay in Thailand or some other plans like travelling?

I plan to stay in Thailand for a while but I do want to do some travelling as well.

What' your style in singing right now, could you say it in an easy way, and about what you graduated also?

What style I'm singing now is varieties of Jazz , Pop , R&B,Soul, Oldies rock and roll , you know all the old school stuff and I graduated Major in Jazz Vocal

For "Love Is" will you also sing english songs for them too?

Will have to wait and see , it's a secret what I'm doing in my solo album, I want it to be a surprise, what I do or don't do in my album.

Thank you for sharing your time with our web site.

It's my plasure ka.

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